Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bicycle Project: Step Two

Holla.  My bike's done!  I finished a while ago... I'm just finally putting up photos.  Thanks to the help of the Provo Bicycle Collective, I was able to repack the front hub.  It's pretty pitted, we tightened it until it rode on the brakes a tad, and there's still a lot of play.  I will have to get it replaced eventually.  
I replaced some of the cable housing that had rotted to the cable and shortened the cable a little to tighten things up.  

I greased the chain, A LOT, because as Zach says, "bike grease is cheap, bike parts ain't." I replaced the handle bar with one with a little more rise.

I put on slick tires to make it better for road riding.  I replaced the saddle and put on Orly handle bar grips from Mad Dog Cycles in Provo. They don't get sticky as you use them, which is nice.  I used Krylon spray paint in Bright Idea.  Krylon is good for projects like this because they have paint specifically designed for plastics and such.

I removed the rack, (I might put it back on, I can't decide.) And bought a blue matching helmet. Cuz that is public health. Ready to hit the road.

Looks pretty posh, eh?

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