Friday, June 14, 2013

Think of a Box, Any Box

Think of a box.  It can be any box you like.  Any size, shape, color, texture, anything.

So, one time, someone told me to describe a box.  It could be any box I liked.  I did, and then they explained it was one of those psychological hacks that described your "ego," meaning in this case how you think and feel about yourself.

The crazy thing is just a couple days later I was out shopping, and I found my ego box!!!!! Seriously, though.  I described this box out of any box in the entire universe.  And I saw it just a couple days later.  I think it must be a confirmation of my ego or something;)

52 New Things: The Spare Tires First Gig (31 to go)

I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons Cover

It was my bluegrass band's first gig!  It was pretty nerve wracking, because we aren't really a full blown band, we just like to get together and jam every Sunday.  We got this gig lined up though, and it was really fun.  It was pretty rocky, but for it being our first gig with no set up or dress rehearsal, I think it went decently:)  There are a million things I want to do differently, and we're already so excited for our next show!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

52 New Things: Yuba Lake (32 to go)

For Memorial Day we decided to go to Yuba Lake and camp:)  It was really fun, suuper chill, just what we needed.  Although there were a lot of bugs and I kept getting scared by them, soo basically I felt like a diva.  

Ted and I trying to figure out how to get the umbrella to stay up.  We ended up just propping it against the ground:)


Skipping rocks.  Tim and Ted are both ridiculous at skipping rocks.  My best is three skips.
Breezy beach