Thursday, May 23, 2013

52 New Things: Imagine Dragon's Concert! (34 to go)

We went to the Imagine Dragons Night Visions concert!!! It was amazing:) It was my first time going to a large arena concert like this.  It was awesome.
Waiting outside before the concert

We were so lucky.  We were on the floor, right by the stage! We got pushed off to the side towards the end though.  That's okay, everyone should have the experience of being right in front!

Incredible stage presence!

Yeah.  Doing mid-flight backflips.  No big deal.

Please believe he played the drum ON THE CEILING. 

Just flying through the air. Like a boss.

We love you too!

The set list. That's how close we were:)

He played the drum.  On the ceiling.

Descending out of the lights like a God of Rock...

We were sooo close!

They released giant balloons full of confetti! The best part is that no one popped them until the end of the song.  Then everyone popped them and there was just masses of confetti twirling everywhere!

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