Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neutral Neutral, Like the Swiss

So, when I was getting dressed this morning I just felt like neutrals.  In my fashion strategy class in middle school, one thing that really stuck with me was "accented neutrals." (Actually, I feel like a lot of things stuck with me. The voice of Mrs. Rowe is often in my head critiquing my outfits and strut.:) 
Accented neutrals means you NEVER wear all black or all white (or grey, or navy...). You wear it with a little pop of color.  Like a turquoise necklace, red lipstick or a colored camisole.  I just didn't feel like that today.  I felt like navy and brown and grey and white and gold.  No colors.  And it felt great:) The Swiss have so many things down.  Chocolate, parks, watches...they also rank as the overall healthiest country in the world, and Switzerland is the headquarters for the WHO, for whom it is my dream to work.  So, let's be more like the Swiss. Go neutral!

Trying (and failing) to get a shot of my straight hair.
Just use your imagination.
 I think mixing neutrals kind of voids the necessity of an accent color. I still would never wear all-just-black.

Riding boots.  I live in these when it's cold.

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