Thursday, February 20, 2014

Braces Week 10: IPR and the Last Wire!

It's been quite a while since I posted about my braces!!! I kept taking pics, but the differences were so subtle, I didn't feel a whole post was necessary.

I've personally seen a big difference the last couple of weeks since my last appointment.  My two front teeth have moved side by side and are in line with the rest of my teeth. If anything, I feel like as they've gotten more in line, the gap between them has gotten smaller.  I dropped by my ortho a week ago to make sure I'd be ready for my next appointment since the gap was so small but they said I should be fine:)

Here are my lovely teeth before today's appointment
 Today was my third appointment.  I had an interproximal reduction. That means my ortho filed down a little bit in between my two front teeth.  Gap!  Cute;)  I got my first chain put on.  THAT was tight!  It's clear, so it doesn't really show up. But I can feel it, which I like:)  Makes me feel like it's working.  And this is my final wire!!! Don't get too excited; I'll still have a few more appointments.  They'll just be detail adjustments like bending the wire rather than wire changes.

Annnd after.
I'm no orthodontist...but the shaved down tooth edges don't look quite straight to me.  Hopefully they look better once they push together and after my next appointment.
Dr. Watson said my teeth would pull together really quickly; like by tomorrow morning.  Finally! Something that doesn't test my patience;)

Keep thinking happy thoughts and  spring will come
This was on the wall at the brushing station.  I'm not sure how metaphorically they meant it...but I am very excited for my spring to come:)

Springtime, Baby.

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