Thursday, June 18, 2015

Capitol Reef

I went to Capitol Reef for the first time with my future roommates and some new friends from my new ward. It was a blast!! It was soo beautiful, and we got caught in a huge rainstorm. It was crazy! Places that were dry as a bone on the hike up became rivers and waterfalls on the way down. Luckily, we were all safe on our adventure. :)


First time I've ever seen a cactus blooming in nature. So beautiful!!

Notice the muddy river.
Rockin' the poncho...
View from the cabin:
Some of the precipitation craziness...

Here's more of the view. It was a gorgeous and relaxing weekend :)

 There is beauty all around. :)

Rachel is Graduated!!!

She's so fancy...
Rachel just graduated with her Masters of Education, Reading emphasis (something like that...;) from Westminster College. I'm so proud of her!!!
She was modeling her Harry Potter robes for us and I tell you what: do you know what takes a master's degree? Figuring out how to put on that dang hood. Seriously. There are like, unfinished seams all over the place, twists, weird inside out things....yeesh. She graduated from master's school. Is it too much to ask for a hood that's not a piece of origami???
Aw, she's so cute..:)

and sassy...

Throw your hands in the air for no more school!

I like your sleeves...

Class of 2015


Here she is being all professional day of graduation.

So that's how it goes...

Classic Allen pose. Must be genetic.

Sister Missionary

This little lady is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Maryland. She will be spending her time serving, teaching, befriending people and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so proud, but I'll miss her for the next 18 months!

Farewell Treats!

Emily reading her goodbye notes after her farewell.

Never a straight face with these goofballs around.
The last supper.
Mom and Dad definitely had the better lighting... :) Poor Dad is sad!!

And now a million pics of me with Emily, because I'm self-centered.

It's okay, though. She'll be back soon :)