Friday, February 28, 2014

Braces Week 11

Day one, baby!

Week 11

Week 10
So, it's been just over a week since I had my IPR.  My orthodontist said my teeth would likely close up in just a couple of days, but, alas, as everything has been so far with my braces, it's happening slower than he told me it would. I'm not worried, because as far as I know, we're still right on schedule.  I'm so happy to be on my last wire!!!  Just a couple more adjustments and I'll be done.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Jessica's Wedding!

Lori, Shanna and me celebrating for Jess:)
Jessica got married! She's my coworker:)  I'm here with my other two babe coworkers, Shanna and Lori. It was so much fun.  Jess looked gorgeous. I really liked the venue, Bella Vista, because it's where one of my best friends and old roommie Rosi had her reception as well!  So that brought back memories.

The flowers were gorgeous.  The had a waffle bar, which was a really fun idea! I loved the whole evening.:)  Marriage makes me happy.  Trav and Jess are perfect for one another.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Inventions: Dry Shampoo and Directional Horns

Here's my list of great inventions.  Some have already been made, others have yet to.  But I'm sure they will at some point, because in the words of Olaf, "It just makes sense!"

1. Dry shampoo.  Invented!  This stuff is a miracle worker. Ellen DeGeneres doesn't see the value of dry shampoo. I've got an exercise for you Ellen: look at the hair on top of your head. Ask yourself, how long does it take to wash that hair?  How long does it take to DRY that hair? How long to style it?  Yeah, about 5 minutes total, that's what I thought. 
Let's look at another person's hair.  Say, mine.  Do you know how long it takes to rinse out shampoo from those heavy tresses?  Do you know how many pounds of water can be held on my head by those powerful strands? Water that has to evaporate before I can go outside in the winter?  Yeah.  I love dry shampoo.  If you haven't used it (and your name's not Ellen) you will love this. Say it was a stressful day and you were running your fingers through your hair a lot.  You wake up in the morning and you look like a stringy mess. Just spray this anywhere that looks like it needs at and fluff through it with a brush.  Viola!  It looks freshly washed for another day. :)  Saving you time for more important things than washing your hair.

2. Horns that honk in a specific direction. Not invented.  Why?
Car designers seem to think that the only person we'd ever need to honk at is the person in front of us.  This seems ironic, since if you rear end someone, it's automatically considered your fault.  I have often thought of the importance of this invention.  Like when you see your BFF and want to honk at them without making the car in front of you paranoid.  Like when you want to wave to the taco stand guy but he's not looking at you.  Like when a duck is crossing the road and you want to warn the car next to you. 
But seriously, I saw an old lady almost get smashed today because some dude was cruising down center street at 30mph and ignoring the fact that the lane of traffic next to him had stopped.  I wanted to honk at him, but I knew the car in front of me would think I was annoyed and honking at him for stopping for an old lady and the car driving by would probably ignore it.  Conundrum. 
Engineers, I call upon you to solve this. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Braces Week 10: IPR and the Last Wire!

It's been quite a while since I posted about my braces!!! I kept taking pics, but the differences were so subtle, I didn't feel a whole post was necessary.

I've personally seen a big difference the last couple of weeks since my last appointment.  My two front teeth have moved side by side and are in line with the rest of my teeth. If anything, I feel like as they've gotten more in line, the gap between them has gotten smaller.  I dropped by my ortho a week ago to make sure I'd be ready for my next appointment since the gap was so small but they said I should be fine:)

Here are my lovely teeth before today's appointment
 Today was my third appointment.  I had an interproximal reduction. That means my ortho filed down a little bit in between my two front teeth.  Gap!  Cute;)  I got my first chain put on.  THAT was tight!  It's clear, so it doesn't really show up. But I can feel it, which I like:)  Makes me feel like it's working.  And this is my final wire!!! Don't get too excited; I'll still have a few more appointments.  They'll just be detail adjustments like bending the wire rather than wire changes.

Annnd after.
I'm no orthodontist...but the shaved down tooth edges don't look quite straight to me.  Hopefully they look better once they push together and after my next appointment.
Dr. Watson said my teeth would pull together really quickly; like by tomorrow morning.  Finally! Something that doesn't test my patience;)

Keep thinking happy thoughts and  spring will come
This was on the wall at the brushing station.  I'm not sure how metaphorically they meant it...but I am very excited for my spring to come:)

Springtime, Baby.


Next time you go to Olive Garden, ask for the extra supreme celebratory party platter deluxe for your water.

Just kidding, that's not a real thing.  

But you should ask for Chase if you go to Orem.  Cuz that's a real thing. :)

He was the best waiter ever and brought us fruit all night.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V-Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I love this season.  I actually love any festive holiday:)

Kisses for everybody!!!

Something a little manequin-like about this picture...Oh well, it goes well with the only Valentines I was able to buy yesterday...

Have a creepy day, Valentine!
Happy hearts day!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So it was recently our ward talent show and the Spare Tires had another chance to grace society with our unpolished and slightly out-of-tune bluesy licks. :)
Just gettin' warmed up:)

We decided to do "Man of Constant Sorrow," from O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (and yes, that's the crowd reaction we got, too;).

Please check out beck's beard! (And of course, his and Phill's Manpris.:)

Beck on vocals, Chris and I on harmonies, guitar and mando. Steph on violin, Phil on banjo and Steve on drums. I looove me some bluegrass!

Friday, February 7, 2014

"My Beautiful Woman"

Wacoal Thailand has produced a campaign called "My Beautiful Woman."  It's the sweetest!

Their slogan is:

"Women Are All Made Beautiful."

I love the three short videos they've produced.  There are a lot of "true beauty" campaigns out there, but this one is very special.  It focuses on selfless love as the thing that makes a woman beautiful.  In the films it shows three women who quietly sacrifice for those who need their help.  I know a lot of beautiful women:)

It reminds me of that scripture, Matthew 16:25   For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever willalose his life for my sake shall bfind it.

Let's interpret it a little bit differently: Whosoever will focus solely on herself shall not be beautiful: and whosoever will forget herself in the service of others will have true beauty.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Do I Love Man Sweaters???

I'll tell ya why: because I'm tall.  Man sweaters are actually long enough:)  And I don't mind sweaters being big and baggy ;)  I found this gem at Target. It just spoke to me.  I had to try it on, and I immediately knew it was a keeper.

Good thing I'm not a pro blogger, then I'd have to worry about those annoying things like "lighting" and "background"... ;)

Someday I'll have a camera fast enough for non-blurry candids:)

"Wear the sweater, be the sweater, you are the sweater!"

Keeper :)