Monday, September 8, 2014

Cardboard Boat Regatta!!!

So, I came across an article online about cardboard boat racing. And my roommates and I got the crazy idea that it would be a good idea to try it:) We decided to get to work and make boats for our next roommate date night!

To start out, we got some giant cardboard boxes from our friend who works at a furniture store.  We cut out boat shapes and stuck them together with duct tape (for waterproofness) and masking tape (for paintability.) I made a little bench in the middle of mine to reinforce it from collapsing in on the sides.
This was Molly's boat in the cardboard process

After they were fully sealed, we covered them with Kool Seal roofing patch. This rubberized the cardboard to make it more water resistant.

Then, we spray painted them with waterproof spray paint, but mostly it was to make them look beautiful ;)  Didn't Aphrodite turn out pretty!?!?

We took them out on the lake! Some of them did better than others, and I'm happy to report Aphrodite did excellent.

As we shifted our weight around, some of the taped up seams started coming undone, resulting in the inner layers of cardboard getting soggy. But still, she held up pretty well!

This is David and Cait. Unfortunately, they went down! You can see us paddling around in the background:)

It was really a fun adventure, and I'd fully recommend it to anyone who wants to try:)

Afterwards. She was getting pretty soggy!

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