Thursday, May 23, 2013

52 New Things: Free Movie, $4 Hot Dog (33 to go)

It all started about 3 years ago.

I was working BYU event staff.  I was taking tickets at a football game.  We would get "mystery shopped," and we got a candy bar and a ticket for a free movie if we got high scores.  Well, I guess I'm a pretty awesome ticket taker (raises eyebrows impressively) because I got a free ticket!  

Over the *years* I have gone to plenty of movies.  Sometimes, someone else bought my ticket. Sometimes, we bought our tickets in advance online.  Sometimes we didn't go to Cinemark.  Regardless the end result was that I never used my ticket.  I kept it in my wallet the whoooole time, just in case. 

Last night we went to see The Great Gatsby.  I wasn't sure if my free ticket would even work, but it totally did!  I feel like I've accomplished a 3 year long quest.  Finally.  It's very satisfying.  Also, I was ravenous, so I bought a hot dog.  I've never bought food in a movie theater before.  Aca-believe it.  Does this count for two?

Me being a weirdo.  Just astonished that I didn't have to pay:) I trust you not to judge.

Yummm!  Theater dog!

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