Wednesday, March 19, 2014

M&Ms for Breakfast

Breakfast of champions.

It was one of those mornings.  I was lumbering like a rushed zombie out the door to work. I looked around and managed one of the few words zombies can manage,

I staggered back to the counter and grabbed some of my roommate's pretzel M&Ms and put them in the pocket of my sweater.  For a split second I thought, "I'm a grown, 23-year-old woman for crying out loud!  I'm too old to be eating M&Ms for breakfast! I should be over this!"
Then I realized, there will probably never be a time in my life that I don't occasionally have M&Ms for breakfast.  That's just how life is.  YO to the LO. You sleep when you're dead. Not like I sacrifice healthy choices for kicks... I'm just embracing the imperfection of life!

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