Monday, March 3, 2014


In 2014, lent begins Wednesday, March 5 and ends Thursday April 17.

I'm a Mormon, and won't attempt to describe lent to you, so here:

Essentially, it's a period of time before Easter during which the faithful show increased faith, penitence, and self-denial.  It's not traditionally observed by Mormons, but every year when it comes around, I get inspired by my friends who do observe it as part of their religion.  I think it's something everyone can learn from.

So this year, I'm making a concentrated effort to give up a couple things "for lent" and be a little more generous.

The Resurrection of Christ, Carl Bloc
What about you?  Can you make a commitment to give up something to be a little closer to God over the next few weeks?
One thing I like about lent is that it doesn't last forever.  Because some things are impractical to live without forever, but they can be sacrificed for a few short weeks. Like buying clothes.  But for other things, it's a doorway into giving it up forever, like road rage or swearing.
It's just something interesting to think about.  It's like the "Christmas Spirit," but for Easter. And instead of overloading our lives with stress and buying presents, it's about simplifying and purifying our lives and hearts.

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