Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Braces Week 13

So, today was my 2nd adjustment, 3rd official appointment and 4th unofficial appointment.:)

I got a new chain put on and a bend in the brace wire to move up my second right tooth, it came down just a little too far.

Seriously, my orthodontist at Orthotime, is the best! I cannot say enough about their office. I got a Target gift card today for having 3 appointments on time and with clean teeth.  That just makes my day:) But not as much as...

Talking about my exit strategy!!!

That's right!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! There was still a tiny gap when I came in, but as soon as the assistant put the new chain on, it closed right in the office:)  Dr. Watson said at my next appointment we'd just be planning my exit strategy:)  No more big fixes. Yay! I asked him if they would come off before the end of April, and he said yes, for sure!  Hallelujah:) Not that it hasn't been fun. We put my next appointment two weeks from now instead of three. He also brought up contouring the bottoms of my teeth so they're nice and smooth. I'm glad because that's something I was going to ask him about:)  My teeth are gonna look so good...;)

Bye, gap!

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