Monday, October 20, 2014

I'll Get You My Pretty! (And Your Little Dog Too...)

This is what happens when you have no monies and you still want to decorate for Halloween:) I did this for about $7. Inexpensive Halloween decorations are the best!

$3 for the pumpkin, $3 for six little pumpkins, and $1 to print off this printable on glossy cardstock. I already had the orange yarn:) I love wreaths and things on the door, I feel like it sets the mood for the whole apartment, even if decorations inside are sparse. 

I just threw three little pumpkins on the bookshelf to make it more Halloweeny.

I put my AMAZZZZZING Salt City Pumpkin Spice candle on the TV with two baby pumpkins:)

Happy Halloween!

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