Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Cece!

The Hoffmeiers are just too cute:)

My adorable BFF for life just had a baby! A little babe! A Wee Bairn! And she is so perfect. And Rosi and Patrick are the most adorable parents ever:)

Me and Cece!

Babies have such a special spirit:) It was so wonderful to hold her!

Here's a little baby quilt I made for Cece, it's the first quilt I've ever made by myself! I can see how it would be easier with more of the proper tools...but it still turned out:)

I used double high loft batting, because I just wanted it to be super fluffy!:)

Of course, I had to incorporate duckies for the Hoffmeiers! :)

I quilted it in diamond crisscross on my regular sewing machine since it was such a small quilt. I just rolled it up to keep from being too bulky on the machine side.

Here we are at Rosi's baby shower:) And now little Cecilia Rose Hoffmeier is here!

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