Monday, October 13, 2014

Alpine Loop Camping

We went camping this weekend and it was phenomenal!! We were all just dying to go before the season ended. There's something about fall camping. I just love it:)

We went somewhere off the Alpine Loop. Katie basically made me swear in blood that I would keep it secret, keep it safe, sooo, it was just somewhere in that area;)


It was super hard getting a flash group selfie at night. Like, ridiculous :)

The next morning

It was seriously such a blast to be up there. One thing I was thinking about while we were up there is that camping is one of those things that grows richer every time you experience it. Some things get boring, but camping just gets richer! You learn every time you go. You know better how to prepare. You know what to pack and what to leave behind. You know which foods are AMAZING camping foods and which are not. You learn how to stay safe from things that cause harm or annoyance. And you sleep more comfortably, you enjoy the views more. You get out of the car and smell that familiar mountain smell and you just feel happiness bubbling up inside you.
I want to fill my life more with the type of experiences that increase in richness, rather than diminish.

Carlos is the most amazing fire builder ever.
We arrived later than we had anticipated, about 9 at night, and we were all RAVENOUS when we arrived! We ate a whole pack of hot dogs:) And many, many s'mores. Delish.

Found this amazing little teepee someone had set up

Welcome to my home

The view was amzaing

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