Friday, January 17, 2014

H&M Snowflake Sweater

So I was on my lunch break trying to figure out the nuances of my new phone's camera.  It was pretty exciting.  

Love this cute sweater from H&M! Also, wearing it with a soft, loose tee underneath makes it the most comfortable thing in the world. 
Confession: its' from the men's section.  They were way cuter than the women's sweaters.  And I like them to be oversized. I realized the placement of that chair behind me kind of made me look like a middle school hipster with my skinny jeans around my knees. Oops...

Oops, only half my body. And closed eyes.

And then I stepped back into the light-- big mistake.

I think most of these problems were caused by the fact I was using this as my tripod...

Also, with my favorite riding boots.  What would I do without these in the winter?!?!

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