Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Braces week 5

Day one

Week 5

Week 4
Yay!  Mr. Tooth to the right of my front teeth has finally started to straighten!  I felt like that one happened over night. Also, I got a new phone:)  So I'm still trying to figure out the pic settings. It's hard to get my teeth at the same angle...the gap is definitely bigger, but there is still overlap.  The one on top isn't sticking out as much as it used to. 

My teeth haven't been painful, but they have been very tender this week.  Especially in the back on the left side.  I think they're getting pulled down.

One unexpected thing I've started to notice that's been kinda fun- there's a certain comradery that exists among adults with braces.  I see another adult with braces and we're instant friends.  It's a brotherhood.:) Kinda fun.
Makes me wonder if that's true of other things.  Brotherhood of baldness? Comradery of crutches?  Friendship of fractures?  There's always a sliver lining:) 

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