Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Braces Week Four

I had a freak-out moment and called the ortho to check if it was okay that my teeth were still overlapping and if I needed to come have them adjusted.  She said that the first 6 weeks is slow, we're just trying to move the teeth in place, and to just relax and let the wire do its job.  Small adjustments will go faster.  She said if we move the teeth too fast, it could damage the root.  Awesome.  Then I had a dream my teeth were falling out:)

December 11, day one

Wednesday, January 8, four weeks

Three weeks
My two front teeth are nearly side by side now, the right one's just a teeny bit on top of the left still. I can feel it starting to tilt straight from the back. The left tooth beside my two front teeth seems to be moving down too.

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