Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Best: Tribal Mint

 This Sunday I was feeling something different, so I borrowed my outfit from my roommie. I really liked the tribal skirt. Aside from being cute, it's suuper comfy. It's from H&M, but unfortunately older and they don't carry it anymore.:( 

Sooo, there was a wind storm last night. It felt like a tornado! These were just the residual gusts:)

I straightened my hair. Since I cut it short I really like how it looks straightened.

Pretty hair :)
Also, shout out to April Stevenson! She's basically the cutest. I saw her in church and had to take a picture. She always dresses like a champ. Everyone was obsessed with her umbrella/bow shirt! And matching glasses??? Seriously, she's adorable.

April. So cute!

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