Thursday, April 10, 2014

Braces Week 16: Detailing and Hope for the Future!

We are coming to the bitter end, my friends. 

First day, December 11th
April 10th, four months later

Wow. We've come a long way, have we not? :) It's not perfect, but I'm pretty amazed at how much more symmetrical my smile looks. We're trying to tilt in my left front tooth. After we do that, they can come off, baby!  Woot.

I'm a little concerned about the apparent ridge in the middle of my two front teeth. Dr. Watson said it should go away as my tooth tilts in, but if it still looks this way in a few days I think I'll call him back. I've been a little worried about it since my first IPR. I just hate to waste time.  

 When I went in today, he said they looked great. We did a little detailing work, grinding off the ridges on the bottoms of my teeth. He said he was very conservative and if I wanted, he could straighten them out a little more at my next appointment. 

I'm a little nervous for the next few weeks. I'm nervous because I don't know when exactly I'll be getting them off, and my hopes are high for really soon! And because of my upcoming gum graft.:/ And the ridge between my teeth situation. And I'm not sure what the plan is for doing my retainer. Just a lot of little things:) I'm sure everything will be fine, I mean, it's not like I have a lot of control over what my teeth do. That's up to you, Dr. Watson! My dentist did tell my to massage my gums with my toothbrush after I brush them because they were starting to grow towards my braces. I have been, and it's helped. I feel like they are relaxing back into their original position. They've been bigger since about the first week I got braces. So, if your gums are growing towards your braces, I recommend the toothbrush massage! 

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