Thursday, April 17, 2014

One More Week...One Weeeek Moooore!

Next Thursday, baby. I can make it:)  My teeth are almost done!
I went in today for one last touch up IPR between my teeth so they can come together flat against each other. I was so nervous! He tried adjusting it with a handheld strip, but it just wasn't working, so he used the "hand piece," which is like a really tiny electric saw. It makes a puff of "tooth dust" rise up into the light and it takes about .03 seconds... which makes it kinda scary. But as per the usual, Dr. Watson did a super job.

We put on a new chain and I'm all scheduled to get my braces off next Thursday! Yikes. Nerve wracking. I hope my teeth come together, I remember it took a while last time (granted, it was a bigger IPR). I'm just so happy I went in today. I feel like that center line between your two front teeth is the focal point, and I wanted it of all things to be straight. I mean, that was the whole point of this braces endeavor in the first place:)

My dentist also told me I have a bit of a tongue thrust, so I'll be starting up some exercises for that. Hopefully everything will go well next week, I get my gum surgery on Tuesday and my braces off on Thursday.
Wish me luck!

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