Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thanksgiving point gardens!!!

The glorious central lawn at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

 We went to the Thanksgiving Point gardens for $2 Tuesdays in August.  They were soooooo beautiful!  It felt like we were in paradise.

 The waterfall there is the largest man-made waterfall in this hemisphere. So awe inspiring!!!

One of my favorite parts (every second was my favorite part...)  was the secret garden.  It's tucked away, just a small wooden door in a wall in a brick archway.  

When you walk inside, you see this beautiful fountain.  There are a few little "rooms" to wander through and some sculpture.

We got caught in the rain:)  It was actually pretty fun. And as stunning as nature can get.  We saw the bronze statues of Christ in the rain.  I felt like it was their natural state to be seen in.  Particularly the life-size one of the Savior walking on water during a storm, and the one of him in Gethsemane.  They rain made tears stream down His face.  What a beautiful experience.:)  We were so lucky to be able to come.

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