Tuesday, August 20, 2013

52 New Things: Jackson Wyoming, Stephanie's Ranch, Mechanical Bull, Bubba's and White Water Rafting! (25 to go)

Okay, I'm counting this trip as five new things, but writing about it in one post.  Mostly because it's August and I'm only halfway through my 52 new things.  At least that I'm writing about.....:)

At Stephanie's ranch in Idaho and Jackson Hole Wyoming square with arches made every year of elk antlers!
This trip was sooooo rejuvenating!  We stayed at my friend stephanie's ranch in Idaho.  It's in this little hidden valley with nothing around for miles. It was incredibly peaceful.  Her family was so kind to host us for the night.  We grilled hot dogs and rode the famous mechanical bull.  We slept so well with country air drifting through the open windows.  It was amazing to just get away from it all.  
The next day we drove to Jackson, Wy. It was such a cute town!  We ate at Bubba's BBQ.  I got a delicious pulled pork BBQ sandwich.  We walked around town exploring taxidermy, western wear, and other exciting things:)  We got some yummy fresh sorbet, then headed to the river!
White water rafting on the Snake River
We got in a raft with another family that was really cool.  We navigated through the rapids and they weren't nearly as bad as I was afraid they would be.:)  It was a great experience and...

We all survived!

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