Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mount Timpanogos

So, we hiked Mount Timpanogos.  I had assured everyone it was just a long stroll, nothing to worry about:)  Yeah.  It was harder than I remembered.  We were taking our sweet time and ended up being up there for about 10 hours.  The last hour down we were all quite tired and sore.  Don't even worry, because we definitely hit up two wedding receptions later that night!  #yousleepwhenyou'redead
Us on top of Mount Timp!  Exhilarating.  Looking over into a valley on both sides of us was breathtaking.

On the trail.  I love the variety of nature.  I looove pine trees.

Going through a meadow.

Tree hugging.

Such beautiful vistas the whole way!

There were so many beautiful wildflowers in bloom. 

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