Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Wreath and Tree of Thanks

Yaaay! Finally getting ready for fall! Just in time as it started snowing. Good thing we snuck in one last camping trip last weekend!!! I love camping but NOT in the snow. 
I had been wanting to do some kind of fall wreath, and the Dollar Tree answered my call!  

I made this (imo) ADORABLE fall wreath for only $3. I bought the branch wreath, sparkly berries and off-white ribbon at the dollar tree. I cut up the berries (they were originally in a branch) and glue gunned about half of them to this wreath. Then I just tied a bow and snap! A cute fall wreath :)

I love the berries and bow!!! The colors were just perfect.

My adorable roommate Molly suggested we should make a gratitude tree for Thanksgiving. She and Mikayla cut out leaves and a trunk and it turned out so cute! We've been writing things on the leaves that we're thankful for. Our stake president and elder's quorum president stopped by to visit last night (while we were sweating in workout clothes preparing for our just dance talent show piece, nbd...) and they also wrote a few things.:) It was so great to have them visit. 

Tree of thanks! Happy thanksgiving! 
Here's the template they used to make the leaves. They didn't print it out, but it was a very helpful visual guide:)

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