Monday, November 3, 2014

Apartment Living Area- Why Are Throw Pillows So 'Spensive???? :(

We're thinking of sprucing up our apartment a bit. We live in a shabby little college apartment, but I think it's still important to make the area you live in beautiful and habitable as possible, no matter what your budget and what you have to work with. :) 
While we won't be shaping things up as perfectly as these beautiful living areas, here's some inspiration we're leaning towards:

As Brian Regan points out though, throw pillows (and every other bit of home decor) can be pretty spendy. ("I didn't know they were doin' that well...") We'll just move one little piece at a time and see where we get:) 

This week I started with a new pot for my plant King Julian II. He looks pretty good in his blue ombre pot.

PS, if you want links they're all on my Pinterest "Home" board:) 

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