Friday, October 25, 2013

Grandma Wilcox's Funeral

It was Grandma Wilcox's funeral.  I've been to services for various people before, but this was my first time being there from the viewing to the graveside services.  It was quite an experience.  I've never lost anyone so close to me.  There were a lot of emotions and thoughts.  I wished I'd been able to call her one more time, visit her one more time.  But then I realized I would probably have always felt that way.  

It was strange to spend a few days talking about life and death, reflecting over her entire existence, her posterity, her future.  It was hard to come home after that and face life.  To think I need to keep on keepin' on for 60 more years.  To think I'm already about 1/4 of the way through my life.  I think it's good to focus on the eternal perspective, but it was strange to think of life and death as so close that it seemed nothing in between is very significant.

In a way, I suppose that's true.  But the other thing that's been on my mind is how influential people's lives are.  I think of the way things happened, choices my predecessors made, and how they affect me. How my life would be different if they had chosen differently.  How my posterity will be affected by me and my choices are important; not just for me, but for them too. I need to keep on going, not just for me, but for all who will follow in my path.  Heavy stuff, but good to think about once in a while:) I'm just grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and temple covenants.  I know I will get to see Grandma and all of my ancestors again:)

Me and Chris

Family is forever:)

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