Monday, October 28, 2013

Hoppy Halloween!!!

Chris and me as a bunny and carrot for Halloween:)

Hoppy Halloween!  Okay, I know it's usually "Hoppy Easter," but I dressed as a bunny rabbit, so I think it's fitting:)  Chris and I wanted to do a couple's Halloween costume, but we weren't sure what we wanted to be until a couple days before our ward Halloween party.  He wanted to involve his green afro somehow (I mean, who wouldn't?)

We were sitting on the couch casually thinking of ideas, mostly being funny, and my roommate Beth suggested he be a carrot.  I thought this was hysterical for some reason, and Chris agreed that it would be an unorthodox and humorous costume. Then Beth suggested I be a bunny rabbit and our costume was born!

I found a little accessories set for the ears, bow and tail at Target for just $5!  I dressed in white with a pink tank top, and I think I was a pretty convincing rabbit. 

 Chis and I went to D.I. and found this TREASURE.  We were looking for pants, but orange pants are pretty hard to come by, so we wandered into the women's section and found this carrot orange sheath dress.  With an orange t shirt to go underneath, he's never looked so vegetarian:)  
Just being weirdos

Bunny tail!

Aha! They tried to catch us kissing and failed.  Because we are kissing ninjas.

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