Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Cupcakes! Rose Ombre

Yaay! Rose ombre cupcakes!
Ombre cupcakes
Rose cupcake:)

For the frosting, I just made two batches, one purple, one white, then mixed them in varying proportions in four bowls until I got the colors I wanted.  I think I added the color too quickly, though and I didn't save enough white to bring the color down once it was a little to intense.:/  I would have liked a little more of a gradual ombre. But still beautiful:)

I used Wilton Violet and Rose to get the color.

It was my birthday and I made 4 dozen ombre rose cupcakes:)  They turned out so beautiful!  But I with the middle shades were a little more distinct.  
Happy birthday:) <3

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