Friday, April 26, 2013

52 New Things: Mountain West Burrito (37 to go

YUM! Mountain West Burrito!


I'd heard great things about Mountain West Burrito being the best in Utah County and all that jazz, and guess what? It is:)  At least one of the best.

My roommate Kait and I went because we were STARVING and it was close to our apartment.  Best decision ever.  I got a vegetarian taco (only $3) and the best part is they had vegan sour cream!!!! Which means I had sour cream for the first time in over a year since I was diagnosed with dairy allergy.  It was sooo good!

Second best part: Churro chips.  Wow.  I love me some churros.  I got a whole paper bag full of fresh, warm churro "chips" (strips of pastry vs. the traditional stick) for only $1! Three of us ate them and there were still leftovers.  We're talking churro pot of gold.

I will be back for more, Mountain West Burrito.  Maybe every day.

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