Friday, February 22, 2013

52 New Things: Station 22 (44 to go)

Station 22

Last night I went to Station 22 in Provo.  Wow.  I almost died of how hipster it was.   But in a good way:)  It was really cute.  My favorite part was that there were player piano music rolls on the wall and the lights were made out of them:)  Way cool.  Also, there was 1920's music playing in the background. Their sweet potato fries had INCREDIBLE spice, tasted like garlic, cinnamon, s&p.  Sauce almost drowned out the taste.  The texture was nothing compared to Guru's though.

Also, check out this commercial for "Unpretentiousil,"  I think I should have taken some before eating here;) 

Player piano music rolls on the wall:)

Sooo hip.

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