Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Love with Reality

A few days ago I was talking to an acquaintance. He asked me what my wildest dream was, if I could do/have one thing, what would it be?  I ventured a few dreams, but he kept turning them down.  He said it had to be something BIG, something fantastic that could never really happen in real life.

Call me short on imagination, but I couldn't think of one single dream that I didn't think had a chance of coming true.  When I explained this, he was surprised, then exclaimed, "You're in love with reality!"

I like to think that I am:)  What is reality?  From an existentialist point of view, reality is neither good nor bad; it just is.  The way we respond to it then becomes our "reality."  So, you are the one who determines your reality.  I loved President Utchdorf's talk in which he talked about dying people's regrets.  He said one of the most common (and surprising) regrets is that people "wished they had allowed themselves to be happier."

It is up to us to determine if we respond to life with bitterness or gratitude, love or hate. That becomes our reality.

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