Friday, October 30, 2015

Anna Frozen Halloween

I was a make-shift Anna for my work Halloween costume:) I feel like every year I end up dressing up as a few different things...but that's what happens when you love Halloween!! Different occasions call for different costumes. For work I keep it low key (ish...). I love Anna's colors!! I just happened to have them...but all in shirts ;) I'm wearing a blue V-neck shirt around my waist (it has a perfect sized neck line), a light blue button down with a black t-shirt, and a maroon cardigan draped around my shoulders. I just work black leggings and black booties on bottom, and a gold belt around my waist, pointing down into the V of the shirt.

Yes, my costume consists of four shirts. Anna Halloween costume!!

Also, it was way too much fun piling on the eyeliner and mascara to create that almost cross-eyed Anna look. :)

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