Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blue Fall Scarf

Yaaay! Beautiful sunflowers outside my work!!!
Fall is upon us!!! The skies are sooo blue! The sunflowers are still blooming, bright as ever! I love this time of year, because the sun's still shining hot, but the air is starting to get cool and crisp in the mornings and evenings. I saw these beautiful flowers growing in the parking lot at work, so I picked a few to take home for my kitchen table. :)  

Fall also means: scarf weather! My sister Leslie is a genius at scarves, but I have a hard time wearing them, they never feel right. 

I was happy because today it just felt right!

I wrapped it around with one corner pointing down like a cowboy and tied it on the side (you can only do that with rectangular scarves).

Also, confession: I kept trying to get a non blurry photo, wiping my camera lens over and over... not until later did I realize it was because I was taking selfies with my FRONT facing camera...not the camera lense on the back...*facepalm*

Yay scarves!

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