Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Inventions: Dry Shampoo and Directional Horns

Here's my list of great inventions.  Some have already been made, others have yet to.  But I'm sure they will at some point, because in the words of Olaf, "It just makes sense!"

1. Dry shampoo.  Invented!  This stuff is a miracle worker. Ellen DeGeneres doesn't see the value of dry shampoo. I've got an exercise for you Ellen: look at the hair on top of your head. Ask yourself, how long does it take to wash that hair?  How long does it take to DRY that hair? How long to style it?  Yeah, about 5 minutes total, that's what I thought. 
Let's look at another person's hair.  Say, mine.  Do you know how long it takes to rinse out shampoo from those heavy tresses?  Do you know how many pounds of water can be held on my head by those powerful strands? Water that has to evaporate before I can go outside in the winter?  Yeah.  I love dry shampoo.  If you haven't used it (and your name's not Ellen) you will love this. Say it was a stressful day and you were running your fingers through your hair a lot.  You wake up in the morning and you look like a stringy mess. Just spray this anywhere that looks like it needs at and fluff through it with a brush.  Viola!  It looks freshly washed for another day. :)  Saving you time for more important things than washing your hair.

2. Horns that honk in a specific direction. Not invented.  Why?
Car designers seem to think that the only person we'd ever need to honk at is the person in front of us.  This seems ironic, since if you rear end someone, it's automatically considered your fault.  I have often thought of the importance of this invention.  Like when you see your BFF and want to honk at them without making the car in front of you paranoid.  Like when you want to wave to the taco stand guy but he's not looking at you.  Like when a duck is crossing the road and you want to warn the car next to you. 
But seriously, I saw an old lady almost get smashed today because some dude was cruising down center street at 30mph and ignoring the fact that the lane of traffic next to him had stopped.  I wanted to honk at him, but I knew the car in front of me would think I was annoyed and honking at him for stopping for an old lady and the car driving by would probably ignore it.  Conundrum. 
Engineers, I call upon you to solve this. 

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