Monday, March 2, 2015

Drawbacks of Legalizing "Medical" Marijuana

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Pat Bird of Springville. It provides a lot of information on the debate regarding cannabis or "Medical Marijuana." I feel the same way, and wanted to share this info. :)

I want you to vote “NO” on all “Medical Marijuana” legislation

As your constituent, I am appalled with certain policy makers approach to use emotional tragedies to determine medicine and change drug policies, which protects us all. Thanks to a massive misinformation campaign funded by greed, the gap is wide and deep between what reputable science knows about marijuana's harms and what the public believes about this drug.  The idea that so called “medical marijuana” is benign, poetic and surrounded by virtues is dangerously overblown. As a constituent of yours, which has been involved in studying medical marijuana policy for the past 5 years, I would like to outline 5 critical concerns about using a show of hands to decide medication.

1.       Modern medicines are a product of medical research, using scientific methods. Agenda-driven legislators or well-meaning crowds do not determine medicines, especially by popular vote. Medicine is determined by controlled results.

2.       Up till now it has been research and clinical studies that guided therapeutic decisions. Is this the new scientific method that doctors are to follow? In the future are we going to vote on each new blood pressure pill or cancer chemotherapeutics and retire the Food and Drug Administration? Improve the FDA process; don’t compromise my family, children, grandchildren, neighbors and community’s safety and protection for urgency?

3.       Drug policy should be based on hard science and reliable data. And the data coming out of medical marijuana states points to one conclusion: The medical marijuana approach in those states is terrible public policy!

       -Marijuana edible pictures below tell the story.

4.       What medicine do we promote for recreational and retail use? Legalization is the next vote! 

            Dr. Alan Berkenwald: Why I won’t prescribe medical marijuana[1]

                                Now, I am asked to be the gatekeeper for a mood- and mind-altering drug that              has both recreational and (presumed) medical use, and directed to use my judgment in               sorting out legitimate need. I have no medical literature to guide me for complaints           that are not straightforward, like cancer or HIV. Who, or what, do I rely on for        guidance? How do I know I am not over-prescribing?

5.       The authoritative American Medical Association thinks medical marijuana research is incomplete, a spokesperson said this past year. It officially calls for "well-controlled studies of marijuana and related cannabinoids." But the AMA stresses that is does not endorse "state-based medical cannabis programs, the legalization of marijuana, or that scientific evidence on the therapeutic use of cannabis meets the current standards for a prescription drug product."[2]


So many legislators have deep-seated commitments to individual freedom and initiatives, but are forgetting about the equal fundamental of living in communities and the responsibilities extending beyond our personal needs. It is becoming extremely overbearing on all parents to promote healthy behaviors with their children when public policies are rushed based on emotion and the collective impact within the community raises my child’s risk to avoid harmful substances and behaviors.

      Men and women most of whom would be psychologically incapable of injuring a child with their own hands - will continue to poison other people’s children (with environmental toxins, unhealthy foods, alcohol, tobacco, and, shortly, cannabis), call anyone who tries to interfere a socialist.[3]

      Anybody who questions the emotions with logic is vilified with hate.   Medical marijuana is being oversold on so many levels and next will be legalization.  A libertarian society is a childless society.

      No better way to destroy a country than to destroy the minds of the young. 


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